Astronomy clubs

The best resource in real life for getting and sharing info , comparing hardware and eventually testing out optical equipment , is just visiting your local astronomy club . Most of the times you’ll find one in your neighboorhood . Luckely in my surroundings there’s one at 10 minutes walking distance .

The main telescope : antique Fraunhofer 22cm

The main telescope : antique Fraunhofer 22cm

But the Dutch government stopped almost all donations : the club itself has no real income and last year was hard for the club to survive . There were some meetings about how to work everything out , just to survive . We changed the approach , some volunteers took the main telescope out of the dome apart for resoring/renovation : it is an antique refractor , but still good . The entrance has been changed and all kind off goods for sale what had nothing to do with astronomy also has been removed . Back to the basics .

thanks for the picture , Eric :-)

thanks for the picture , Eric 🙂

The concept worked out very well : More and more members visiting the club regularely and I have the feeling the “spirit” is back again . Even without , or , with a very small budget: we can hardly cover the daily costs like heating , water and electricity . But who cares : it’s again a nice place to spend the (Friday)evening , gathering together and exchange experiences .

Everyone is invited , interested ? Just look at the website for an impression ! The more people , the better it is !

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